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Shopping Small - our take.




Small Shops versus Big Box Retailers
Shopping small has MANY advantages. Many may agree that smaller shops or business has a "connection" with their customers and clients. The degree of customer service is generally better than their larger corporate counterparts. The reason behind this is that small business owners are often a member in the community they serve and care about the individuals who patronize their business. 

Less is sometimes more! Why? Have you every walked in a Pharmacy and is faced with 2 long aisles of cough and cold medicine? You look up and down, left and right and still possibly walk out empty handed? To reduce confusions, we focused on items that works. We have narrowed down to only items that are safe and cost effective - another thing Big Box retailers do not understand. They'll leave confused shoppers scratching their heads wondering which one of the 100+ items is right for them. Some retailers may put "one liaison" out in the aisles to help, but do you think that helps reduce the confusion? I'll leave that up to you to decide.


Small Shops versus Online Retailers
Online shopping is convenient. However, the whole shopping experience is done via the internet over a tech device - computer, tablet, phone, or "phablet". Real shopping is getting dressed, physically visiting the store (where as a bonus, social interactions are exchanged), and picking up the desired item(s).

Another point to think about is GLOBAL WARMING. Yes, we are linking online retailers to our growing global warming problem. The only way an online retailer gets their good/product to you individually is by means or air, land, and sea - which means "lots of" carbon emissions created by your single order! We understand that the product has to get from manufacturer to product user in some way, therefore, by a small business stocking the common items you need, we have just created an opportunity where you can HELP reduce your personal contribution to global warming. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. SHOP SMALL!


We can probably sit here and come up with many more reasons why you should shop small, but there is a great article that we've stumbled on a while ago (that actually inspired us to open an independent pharmacy) that we would like to share with you. Please follow this link to read further on reasons why you should shop locally and shop small!! Please read and start today!!

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